Learn to Fail

You are extraordinary – why you might ask? Simple. Because you are HUMAN. As humans we are far more capable than just growing, learning, feeling, and inspiring. We also have the ability to change, adapt, and potentially make mistakes. But in order to move forward in life and flourish we must first learn to fail. Let me explain what I mean.

Woman Praising And Enjoying Golden Sunset

Failure is merely a temporary roadblock on your path to success. A number of people, including myself, fear failure or do not commit to change because of how different things may turn out or perhaps what others may think. But let me ask you this: What if you had no fear of losing, of making a mistake and taking risks? On one hand, you may find yourself unsuccessful, BUT on the other hand, you could possibly surprise yourself and achieve beyond your goal(s).

With every experience there is a lesson learned no matter how negative or positive the outcome is. Even if you fall and find yourself lost know that you are not alone. It is up to, however, to decide how to react and what you plan to do when faced with that roadblock.


Let me give you 3 reasons why you should embrace Failure:

1. Build Resilience – Use your fear of failure as your motivation instead of letting it take over and make you feel discouraged. Learn to take a step back when you need to and find ways of how to improve instead of focusing on the negatives. Remember, it is all about perspectives.


2. Gain Self-Confidence – From making mistakes, to building your resilience and learning from your experiences you are that much closer to knowing what you want and how you are going to do it. In turn, this can give you that extra push and edge to be confident in what you believe in and pave the way to success.


3. Get Creative – Failing gives you the opportunity to learn. Take advantage of your loses and get your creative juices going! Sometimes to get to your goal you need to do things differently even if it is not the norm. Be unique and do not limit yourself to what you already know and are familiar with. Challenging yourself can lead to greater heights! Remember, success may not come on the first try or even the second, but eventually, if you persist you will get to where you are meant to be.


If you learn to embrace failure then nothing can impede you from achieving your goals, from stretching your limits, and ultimately, succeeding. Be prepared to work hard and face obstacles. Success takes time, a number of falls and consistent effort, but if you have the drive and are not afraid to stumble along the way, then anything is possible.


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