In order to walk you must first learn how to crawl.

Have you ever compared yourself to someone else and as a result, brought somewhat of your confidence down? I, for one, am definitely guilty of that, but it is something I am working on to do less of.

For the longest time I secretly would compare myself to other people to the point where it would make me feel anxious, even depressed. But one day it just hit me – I asked myself, “Why do I do what I do?”


I dance, I cook and I help other people because I find goodness and love in all those things. I commit to what makes me truly happy and never settle for less. My passion for dance has become, what most dancers would agree on, part of my identity. I struggled at times when I could not make my body move a certain way or when I could not get part of a choreography right. But over time I realized, to be great at anything it takes patience, self-love and consistency.


A good friend once told me that it is all about perspectives. You can choose to look at the negative side of things or choose to see the positives. The moment I decided to accept all of me – my fails, weaknesses and flaws – was the time I finally felt genuinely happy. I chose to have as much positivity in my life, so I started to admire other people’s talents instead of comparing myself to them and continued to surround myself with people who I know sincerely cares and supports me. As easy as it is said than done, I encourage you to start changing your perspectives in life and stop comparing yourself to other people. Focus your attention on what You can do and how You can improve. Challenge yourself every day and have an open mind. Embrace your shortfalls and strive to be better – take the necessary baby steps to reach your end goal and be the expert of your own craft!


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