Do You.

Hello friends!

It has been quite a while since I wrote my last blog, but today is, what I believe should be recognized every day, Bell Let’s Talk Day. This day underlines the ongoing conversations surrounding mental health and raises more awareness of the subject which touches us all.

Since my last post I made many difficult decisions in my life, but ones that I knew would ultimately benefit my mental and physical well-being. Since my university years I have always been known as the “busy bee” being involved in a number of different initiatives. Fast forward to today, I made the decision to take my own advice and do me – I am now just focusing on my career and one of my passions in life, dance. And let me tell you, I have not been any happier.


Mental health affects each and every one of us. I cannot emphasize enough how essential it is to talk, to communicate and allow yourself to express your feelings and thoughts with other people. I know first-hand how hard it is to bottle up your stress, your struggles and try to face obstacles alone. Through my experiences I have learned that it is not easy to feel vulnerable and open up to other people, BUT it can make a huge difference to feel valued and be able to share your experiences with those who can relate or others who are there to simply listen.

Here are some notes to consider:

1. Educate yourself – as the saying goes, think before you speak. Mental health is a very sensitive topic and affects people in different ways. So think about the language you use and whether or not it will help or damage someone’s mental well-being.

2. Recognize your own struggle(s) and never give up – be self-aware and identify what you are struggling with or the mistakes you have done. Seek for strategies or ways to help you face and work on your struggles. Own your mistakes and learn from them in order to move forward and better yourself.

3. Be kind, open and communicate – kindness goes a long way. Even asking someone how their day is going or lending a helping hand can mean so much to an individual who is going through something. Be compassionate and spread the love.

4. Grow and learn together – be part of the conversations around mental health and help break the silence. At the end of the day we all belong to one community.

Remember, You are not flawed, You are not broken, You are merely human – imperfectly perfect. We fall, we make mistakes, but our ability to get back up and learn to be a better version of ourselves is extraordinary.

So Be Brave, Be Unique and Love Yourself Always.


2 thoughts on “Do You.

  1. alexjameswise says:

    Unfortunately ignorance is probably one of the biggest issues within the understanding of mental health. We can’t see it in the same way we see a broken arm, so people somehow view it as less.

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    • Melissa Calanza says:

      Very true, brought up a very good point Alex. This is exactly why mental wellness should be an everyday conversation and not just once a year. The more we talk about it, I feel like the more people will be comfortable around the subject and actually recognize the depth of it and its importance. I know myself and for many individuals who you would never have guessed that they were going through something. So whenever I see someone actually taking the time to listen, to just check in with their friend or do something nice for another person I know how meaningful that could be for someone.


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