If you know me well, you would know how much I love meeting new people. Lately I have come across many unique individuals on different paths in life and have had such meaningful conversations with each and every one of them, whether it would be about school, work or a personal matter. But one common theme that always seemed to resurface is resilience. Resilience to me is having the ability to continue moving forward and bounce back up when faced with difficult situations.


Too often, many people get discouraged when they make a mistake, fail, get rejected or when they are faced with challenges. But let me remind you that no one is perfect and just like how Rome was not built in a day, success requires a great deal of time and hard work. I can attest that it takes a number of fails and perseverance before you can reach that point in your life where you can finally say you’ve made it. So do not let that one rejection or those #fails define who you are. Be strong and willing to confront your problems instead of avoiding them or letting them discourage you from becoming the best version you can be.


Some folks ask me how I got to be where I am in my career today and let me tell you, it took many mistakes, numerous rejections and an open mind.

I admire those who have a fighting spirit, who always tries to see the good in everything and is able to overcome various obstacles. These people inspire me to stay motivated and give me hope that everything will work out the way it should. Surround yourself with the right people, ask questions, learn from every experience you have whether they be good or bad and finally, never lose sight of your End Goal.


As Albert Einstein once said, “You only fail when you stop trying”. Be conBe fearless

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