Love Every Bit of YOU

Let’s be real. No one is perfect. Even if someone may appear to be well-put together, popular or seems to have everything, just know that, that person is just as human as YOU are. As humans, it is inevitable we make mistakes and we have our own insecurities or flaws. But we are also capable of learning from our mistakes and embracing who we are. Everyone has a struggle – a story – whether we see it or not.


Sometimes the hardest thing in life is coming to terms with reality -the fact that there is no such thing as perfection. We can try our best to be the perfect student, the perfect son, the perfect partner or the perfect parent, but what then would come of ourselves if are constantly trying to achieve something that does not even exist?

Do not waste your time dwelling on the things you do not have, but take advantage of the time you do have to grow and better yourself towards the person you want to be NOT the person you believe others would want you to be. Only when you truly come to accept your WHOLE self will you then be able to LIVE and BE HAPPY. Be proud of your differences because those are what make each and every one of us unique. Live the life you shape and get the most out of every moment by giving the best gift you can give yourself: LOVE.


2 thoughts on “Love Every Bit of YOU

  1. angelapoway says:

    I really enjoyed this! A nice reminder that you are human, I am human, the person next door is human, the prime minister is just a human, the biggest pop star on earth is still just a human. We are all a perfect version of ourselved

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