Make that Change

Change is inevitable and is constantly happening around us – new technologies, new rules, new ways of doing work or even a new you.


Last year I attended a dynamic communications workshop within the Ontario Public Service (OPS) and one takeaway that truly stood out for me was the following: If you are unhappy with the situation that you are in now, unsatisfied with the work you are doing, or simply need more excitement in your life, there are three options you can consider.

  1. You can accept the situation that you are in;
  2. You can try to change your situation; or
  3. You can walk away from the situation.

For me, it has always been #2 or at times, a combination of 2 and 3. When I do not feel content with the work that I am doing or with the environment I am in I always try to find a way to change it and/or walk away from it. First, communicate the issue and make it known. Next, it is about finding ways to resolve that issue and identifying key players who can help you. And finally, ensure that a change has been made and that you are much happier with the situation.


I say, Embrace Change and take on new challenges! But always remember to stay positive and keep moving forward no matter how many stumbles or falls you have along the way. I am a type of person who stays active in the work I do and believe that no matter where you are in life, in your career, there is always room to grow.

From all the experiences I have been through and from the stories that I have heard from fellow colleagues, one thing is for sure – that nothing will change until you make that first step towards where you want to be. Do your research, connect with the right people, and do not be afraid to ask for help. Asking for help does not make you weak, but simply shows others that you are just as human as they are. It shows that you have the ability to recognize your shortfalls and that you are taking action to make a change.

Stay engaged, be proactive and have a mindset of thinking what IS possible instead of what is not.


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