What does it take to be happy? If I were to ask you to rate your happiness right at this very moment on a scale from 1 to 10 what would you say?

Happiness. Many would define happiness as an emotional state of well-being when you feel content or intense joy. But why is it that the most successful people in life – the rich, the famous, the accomplished – are not as happy? Why is it that for some, when they achieve their goals, when they have climbed to the top of the hierarchy and gain social status that they are still not content?

Stressed Businesswoman

To be the smartest or the most popular is not enough to be the happiest. To me True Happiness only exists when one can break free from societal pressures and from living a life that is expected. Having the freedom to speak your mind, to do what you love doing and to be who you really want to be will maximize your happiness and give you a life that is much more fulfilling and exciting!


I will let you in on a little not-so-secret of mine. What makes me the happiest are the simple things in life. I do not need all the money in the world, the fame or the power. As long as the sun is out, as long as I can dance and listen to my music you can expect me to be a happy camper! I am the happiest when I can be with my friends, with my family and when I can pay it forward to put a smile on another person’s face. I want to share that feeling of happiness from all the love and generosity that people have given to me.

Feed your mind, your body and spirit with new ideas, do the things that you truly enjoy doing and take a break to have some Me-Time. Every now and then we should keep in mind how important it is to  BREATHE. Breathe in your surroundings and let go of unwanted negativity, of worries and pain and just take in all the blessings you have in life, all the people who care for you and who help you be the best you can be. Once you make this switch your perspective in life will definitely change. Every person deserves to have peace and happiness but it has to start with YOU. With great love for yourself anything is possible. So go, be the master of your own Happiness and start doing the things you love to do!


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